In Euclid, hospital pharmacies will find a true partner for their unit dose packaging needs. We work with your IT team to make sure your records are up to date and organized. Our training checklists help technicians properly operate the machine, and our Routine Maintenance Guide provides daily, quarterly and as needed cleaning instructions to keep your Euclid machine operating in prime condition. We can help you quickly troubleshoot any issue that arises via attentive email, phone or screen share, and our maintenance team can come to your location to service the machine if needed. Our high-quality products are built to last, and components that experience wear and tear due to age can be easily replaced to ensure the longevity of your machine.

The Cadet®


Cadet® unit dose packaging system: ideal for hospitals with less than 200 beds

The Cadet Twin® 2×2

Cadet Twin 2x2

Cadet Twin® 2×2 unit dose packaging system: ideal for hospitals with more than 200 beds

The Speedy Wet Cadet®

Speedy Wet Cadet

Speedy Wet Cadet® unit dose packaging system: ideal for hospitals with liquid unit dose packaging needs and more than 50 beds

The Blister Cadet®

BlisterCadet (1)

Blister Cadet® unit dose blister packaging system: ideal for large businesses with extensive unit dose packaging needs

Our Products


With durable construction and features designed to help you save

Cadet Twin®

Ideal for large hospitals and third-party repackagers, the Cadet Twin®

Cadet Twin® 2×2

Designed with optimal pharmacy efficiency in mind, the Cadet Twin®

Speedy Wet Cadet®

As the first fully automatic liquid unit dose packaging machine

Blister Cadet®

The next-generation Blister Cadet® Unit dose machine for blister packaging